Meet the Artist


“I started making art late in life when I became disabled with an inherited neurological disease. I was bored out of my mind after the first year of being bedridden and homebound. In 2017 I started drawing and painting in bed, just for something entertaining to do. Nobody was more surprised than me when people began asking to buy it.

I can get around a little better nowadays with assistive devices, although I still spend about 2/3 of my waking hours having to lie down. I still create art lying down or, if it’s a large messy canvas, sitting on the floor with it for brief periods of time.

I would make art whether people bought it or not. But I’ll admit that I enjoy knowing people want it in their homes. It means my art speaks to them. It makes me feel like I’m sharing a human connection with others.”

-Melissa Milton

Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Melissa’s hometown where she lives and creates art

Melissa’s artwork has been curated into the following art galleries and art gift shops:

Melissa’s art studio is inside her home.

Melissa was homebound and couldn’t drive for the first four years she created art. Over the years an art studio has evolved from a spare bedroom. It is now a self-contained, start to finish visual and sculptural art creation and print production area.