artist’s statement

Artist’s Statement

Melissa Milton was born in the Southern United States during the turbulent 1960’s and came of age in the groovy 1970’s. The colorful clothing, interior décor, and art of those decades influences her artistic expression.

The family of colors and designs associated with those eras frequently find their way into her artwork, especially in tertiary colors (colors derived from a combination of three or more colors).  She tends to use curved, relaxed, flowing shapes which – when combined with the unusual color choices – can potentially express an object in a new way which perhaps some people may have not seen before.

Melissa begins most of her 2D visual art with a story, idea, or question she would like to visually depict. These may become expressed as a memory, a philosophy, a fairy tale, a forewarning, or some other concept. 

In her 3D clay art, Melissa enjoys drawing the viewer into a world of whimsy. Tapping into the five year old child still residing within her, she creates whimsical animals who will hopefully delight and entertain the five year old child living within the art viewer.

As long as there are questions to ask, ideas to ponder, stories to tell, or a five year child old still living within Melissa, she will not run out of ideas for new paintings or clay art.