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I painted this while anxiously awaiting the outcome of the murder trial of my brother’s killer. It expresses how it feels to be waiting for an outcome that greatly affects you, while you have little or no control over how that outcome is reached.

It wasn’t that I thought I would feel happy if the killer were sentenced to Life in prison (which is how the verdict and sentencing turned out). I did not feel “happy” after the life sentence with no possibility of parole was imposed upon the murderer who shot my brother as he lay sleeping in his own home. However, I did feel relieved.

I felt relieved because I knew I would feel even worse than I already did if a jury had allowed the killer to walk away scot free after they murdered my brother. The injustice of that would have rubbed salt in what was already a deep wound. So part of my waiting during the four week trial was waiting to find out if a stinging bucket of salt was going to be poured into my already deep emotional wound. Sometimes situations arise in Life where all you can do is wait, hope, dread, and then wait some more. That’s what this painting is about.

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