“Test Tube Monster” original clay art home decor


This clay test tube monster “emerges” from the pink slime in the test tube that got spilled. Made mainly of polymer clay and resin.

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Are you looking for a unique artist made work of art that nobody else has? Or a gift idea for an art lover? Someone spilled a test tube and – oh no! – a clay monster has emerged!  Great table top, desk top, or shelf decor. The palm leaf tray is 9.5 inches across.

Since this is an original art piece, it is the only one in stock. No two of the original, handmade art pieces are exactly alike.


The artist begins her clay art process with a block of plain polymer clay.  She then hand sculpts each art piece into whatever forms her imagination determines. The artist then bakes the art objects into hardened shapes. After they cool she hand paints each art item with acrylic paints. Depending upon the particular art project, she will then set some of the art items in clear art resin. She varnishes others instead.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14.875 × 11.875 × 3 in