Original art for sale

“Firebird” original clay & acrylic paint artwork on canvas


Are you looking for a unique artist made work of art that nobody else has? Or a gift idea for an art lover? This original, handmade art may meet your needs. The artist created it in her studio. As evidenced by art gallery viewer reactions, it’s a great conversation piece.

The clay firebird arises out of the fire to soar into the blue sky and be reborn. The artist framed it inside a natural wood floater frame. The canvas measures 20 inches by 16 inches so it should easily find a spot for display in most rooms. The frame itself is 21 inches by 17 inches and the artist has wired it for hanging.

This one-of-a-kind, original artwork is currently on exhibit (NFS) at the ANA Gallery in Rogers, AR through January 7, 2022 . It is then slated for delivery to the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum (Fort Smith, Arkansas). It will be on exhibit there from February 4th – May 22, 2022, as part of the museum’s annual regional Invitational competition into which it has been curated. This original art will be offered for sale by the museum. ($975). Please note that if sold during the exhibition, it will be marked “Sold” but the museum respectfully requests that it remain exhibited for the remainder of the exhibit for the public to enjoy. Interested parties should contact the gallery manager to discuss purchasing this handmade art as decor for themselves or as an artisan gift for another.


The artist begins her clay art process with a block of plain polymer clay.  She then hand sculpts each art piece into whatever forms her imagination determines. The artist then bakes the art objects into hardened shapes. After they cool she hand paints each art item with acrylic paints. Depending upon the particular art project, she will then set some of the art items in clear art resin. She varnishes others instead.


If you are interested in requesting a custom clay item in some similar theme, click Contact Us in the menu at the top of the page to start a conversation with us about it.

Please note that we do require 100% pre-payment for custom artwork requests. Although we’ll send photo and video footage of the fully completed art piece to the art buyer before shipping it, and if the finished art piece doesn’t meet with the art buyer’s approval we would simply provide a full refund.  We’d sell the art piece to the general public instead. Yes, we’re that confident in our artwork. Please also note that due to the inability to alter baked, painted clay we would not attempt revisions of custom artwork. Nor would we redo it due to the costs of the materials. We would simply provide a refund for any customer order which had photos and video that did not meet with the approval of the art buyer prior to shipping.