Moth art print

“Moon Moth” moth art




This moth art reflects the mystery of night moths being draw to light. They cannot help themselves. Sometimes people find themselves irresistibly drawn to something without being aware of why. We relate this to moths. Hence the common saying, “Drawn like a moth to a flame.” And the reason for moth paintings. We humans can relate to the mesmerized moth. This is a Moth on a Mission in the Moonlight. Yet it knows not why it must follow that path.

The Artist enjoys visually expressing the beauty in some creatures which are not traditionally thought of as “beautiful”, such as a moth. This particular artwork uses cooled green, yellow, and brown and hues. She used cool colors instead of warm colors since it is a nighttime rather than daytime setting. She includes movement lines intended to convey motion.

Did you know that a moth is sort of a cousin to the butterfly? Many of us enjoy viewing (or creating) butterfly artwork. We likewise enjoy moth paintings even though butterflies tend to take center stage for beauty. However, moths create great beauty which we do not always attribute to them. Next time you see some lovely silk cloth you can thank the humble moths who produced the raw silk it was made from.

This moth art print is available in three sizes: Miniature art canvas, medium archival paper print, and large archival paper print. To view more of our flying insect and bird artwork, click here. To see our land animal or underwater creature art, click here.

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