Hummingbird Wall Art

“A Bird’s Eye View”




These particular hummingbird prints have a backstory. Do you enjoy hummingbird wall art? Me too. I painted the original hummingbird painting for someone who lives in an assisted living home. She also loves watching the cheery little birds through the dining room window in the warm weather. I wanted her to have hummingbird wall art to enjoy year round.

We now make this colorful little bird available to others so they can have a hummingbird to enjoy year round as well. The sweet little bird is depicted whirling the colorful air around him. As with all of his kind, in addition to normal bird flying he hovers or flies backwards or even flies upside down! He never permits the air around him to be still. This fact is visually reflected in this artwork.

Hummingbird painting prints are now available to others exclusively through this online shop. Do you prefer a table top, desk top, or shelf display rather than wall decor?  If so, you may prefer to have our hummingbird prints (for yourself or as a gift) in the form of a miniature art canvas. The 4 inch x 4 inch miniature art canvas comes with a 5 inch tall wooden display easel.

This high quality giclee hummingbird prints are made in our art studio. They are available in three sizes: Miniature art canvas, medium archival paper print, and large archival paper print. To view more of our flying creature artwork, click here. To view our land animal or underwater creature artwork, click here.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Miniature, Medium, Large

Type of Art Print

Art Canvas, Archival Paper Print