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“Henry Walks the Neighbor” dog painting




This may be the Artist’s favorite dog painting so far. Her neighbors don’t realize it, but she has a wonderful view from her bedroom window of them walking their dogs past her house. From her bedroom window her vantage point is limited. She is only able to see the upper parts of the people and dogs. The people tend to be visible from about the chest up. The extent to which the dogs are visible depends upon their size. For some dogs you only see ears. For others you see more peeking over the fence. It makes for a very charming view. This was the inspiration for the various dog wall art pieces the Artist has produced.

For most dogs and their humans it appears to be a happy partnership in which they take turns being in charge of the walk: They appear to alternate between the dog walking the person and the person walking the dog. It’s not a 50/50 relationship, but rather it’s 90/10. Each of the two takes turns being in control of 90% of it.

This dog painting art print is available in three sizes: You may enjoy it as a 3 inch by 4 inch miniature art canvas. The miniature canvas comes with a 5 inch tall wooden display easel for table top, desktop, or shelf use. You also have a choice of purchasing this dog wall art as a medium or large size archival paper print created with long lasting giclée art inks. To view more of our general artwork, click here. To view more of our animal art, click here.

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Art Canvas, Archival Quality Paper