Critter-in-a-Bowl clay sculpture art

Our Clay Sculpture art offerings include our popular Critter-in-a-Bowl series.

All of our Critter-in-a-Bowl clay sculpture items are handmade in our art studio. Each is comprised of hand painted clay shapes fashioned by the artist. The completed clay items are then set in resin inside a palm leaf bowl or tray.

These small clay sculptures make unique table top, desk top, or bookshelf art decor. Each is a hand made, one of a kind art piece. No two are exactly alike. There is only one in stock of each, since they are true originals.

That said, if you see one marked “sold” that you are disappointed in it no longer being available, we can create a similar one for you. No, it won’t be exactly the same, as it is handmade. But we’ll send you a picture of it when it’s done, and if you’re not happy with it we’ll refund you fully and simply offer it for sale to the general public instead. We’re that confident it will be a fun art piece.

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